Now Actors - Neilson Brown
Now Actors - Neilson Brown
Now Actors - Neilson Brown
Now Actors - Neilson Brown
Now Actors - Neilson Brown
Now Actors - Neilson Brown

Neilson Brown

Neilson Brown is a Sydney-based actor who is driven, dedicated, and aspires to perfect every role with professionalism and finesse.

Neilson has recently completed the Showreel Course at Screenwise Film and Television School, where he studied, under industry professionals, the essentials of Screen Acting, alongside Eric Morris Technique, the American accent, Script Analysis, Audition Technique, Green Screen, Presenting, and Improvisation.

Prior to this, Neilson had already performed in several stage shows during his time at university.

At the University of Sydney, Neilson starred as the Roman poet Ovid in a performance during the function opening the 2014 Augustus Conference being held at the university, as well as appearing in a departmental production of the Roman Comedy “The Brothers Menaechmi”, both of which were performed entirely in Latin.

In 2017, at the University of Technology Sydney, Neilson performed as Judge Hathorne in a production of “The Crucible”, as well as having a lead role in “Helen of Sparta”, a modern re-telling of the Ancient Greek play “Helen”, by Euripides.

While only at the beginning of his acting career, Neilson is eager to improve his craft and aims to make his mark on the industry.




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