Now Actors - Dylan D'Adamo
Now Actors - Dylan D'Adamo
Now Actors - Dylan D'Adamo
Now Actors - Dylan D'Adamo
Now Actors - Dylan D'Adamo
Now Actors - Dylan D'Adamo

Dylan D'Adamo

I am passionate about Drama and Acting, being up on stage is an electrifying feeling - and at the same time rather daunting. I began my journey and interest in Drama at Newborough Primary School. My teachers have always encouraged me to follow my dreams even though it’s a rather competitive industry to fall into.
3 years ago, I started playing the guitar which was a challenge at first, luckily my tutor was cool and patient with me. I have played songs by Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.
On the weekends on love skateboarding with my friends at the skate parks around Perth and learning new tricks. I also like socialising and meeting people from different backgrounds.
Another past time is Swimming and Snorkelling at the beach during the hot days in Summer, happy that my father has the same interest. I believe that interacting with nature is good for the soul and mind.
I also enjoy travelling, visiting my mother’s family in South Korea was an eye opener and an extraordinary experience. I have also travelled to Europe and visited my father’s relatives in Italy. I will never forget the amazing foods and vibrant culture.
My personality is easy going and down to earth with a positive outlook on life. I disapprove of people being judgemental – I believe that each individual has had a different path in their upbringing. This is why I like meeting people from different cultures.





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