Now Actors - Berti Moso
Now Actors - Berti Moso
Now Actors - Berti Moso
Now Actors - Berti Moso
Now Actors - Berti Moso

Berti Moso

Berti is a passionate talent from Hungary. If you are looking for a character that is FUN, INNOCENT, and NON JUDGMENTAL, she is your choice to call for an audition. She moved to Australia in 2011 and after many years of working as a sales manager and being a “hidden actor” she started pursuing her childhood dream to become a “real” actor and performer in early 2014. Since then Berti completed several acting classes and completed a 7 month self taping, audition technique training which allows her to send professional self tapes all around the world. She loves Theatre and enjoys the challenging roles as well, like being a Bad fairy in Puss in Boots, and also enjoys a good comedy role in a series on TV. She is proactive, great organiser and good communicator, so she started producing as well, her first episode for a mini series for TV is just finished. Berti believes that anything is possible with the right mindset, intention and action. She works hard and plays hard. She approaches challenges with positive attitude and energy.





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