Now Actors - Michael Pendrigh
Now Actors - Michael Pendrigh
Now Actors - Michael Pendrigh

Michael Pendrigh

Michael, a determined, focused and intuitive individual, began his acting journey in his late high school years when he performed in Oklahoma and Cabaret, and completed VCE Drama. Here, he learnt many styles of theatre including non-naturalism, Brecht and Artaud. He also completed the challenging task of writing and performing a 7-minute solo performance for his year 12 exam.

Having discovered his passion for acting, Michael furthered his experiences and knowledge by undertaking screen acting in 2018. By trusting his skill and work-ethic, he managed to land multiple supporting and lead roles in short films such as ‘Not a Common Spot’, ‘An Unhelpful Hand’ and ‘Wrong Love’.

Since beginning screen acting, Michael has continued to develop his techniques and strengthen his knowledge by networking and attending acting workshops at Brave Studios and JMC Academy. Michael had the valuable experience of meeting and learning from award-winning producer, Peter Dodds, at JMC Academy.

Michael loves the challenge of acting and finds excitement in pushing himself to play vastly different characters. He has been described as an animated, intriguing actor and a ‘natural’ in front of the camera. He hopes to further understand the craft of acting and continue improving his skills on stage and in front of the camera.





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