Now Actors - Cenzina Amendolia
Now Actors - Cenzina Amendolia
Now Actors - Cenzina Amendolia
Now Actors - Cenzina Amendolia

Cenzina Amendolia

Cenzina has been a performer her entire life. She began singing at age 5 singing along to ABBA records and realized that she could sing so she had natural musical abilities from an early age. She began singing in front of her fellow students in primary school and her talents were recognized by her teachers. However at high school she was sent to a school which didn’t have a performing arts curriculum which didn’t help to nurture her talents so she continued to sing along to the radio and records to develop her voice.

She began to take formal singing lessons after she finished high school and began to explore dancing as well. She studied at a performing arts school for 1 year where she was taught all styles of dance, singing and acting and this was where she was introduced to acting and fell in love with that as well. She then began taking short courses in acting at various acting schools like TAFTA, Brave Studios and Rehearsal Room and began working as an extra, featured extra and has had speaking roles in TVCs and short films.

She also has an interest in voice over and has had one paid job for an overseas company in that industry. She would love to work in Film or TV on a production where she can utilize both her musical and acting talents.




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