Now Actors - Robert Mccann
Now Actors - Robert Mccann

Robert Mccann

Robert started acting in 2013. He has always had a passion for acting since childhood. He is a hard working actor who trains his skill’s as an actor by attending masterclass workshop’s with industry directors & has attended more than a full year of training at Toni Higginbotham’s Sydney Drama School, attending the advance camera courses and acting technique class 2013-2014. Robert's skills also include Okinawa-te or karate-jutsu and other various martial arts, he has a lovely persona, a very kind hearted person, and works hard with a passion. His key characteristics come from his own life experiences growing up on the streets, granting him unlimited access as an actor to his emotions. Robert has a great love for the Theatre especially Shakespeare, he also has experience in stand up comedy on stage he loves to write/perform stand up comedy skits. Robert has worked on a few projects in Australia, as an extra on Mad Max Fury Road, Australia The Story Of Us, The Great Australian Race Riot and a Cisco commercial. Robert Plans to continue his acting career & wishes to make a permanent career as an A-List actor & has dreams of working full time in the theatre.





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