Now Actors - John Kelly
Now Actors - John Kelly

John Kelly

John Kelly is an interesting blend of youthful energy and mature life experience. His vocal talents have been used in a number of corporate settings including MC roles at product launches and live demos to which his background as a sales trainer and consultant have added benefit. Quick witted and with a wide ranging sense of humour, he thinks well on his feet as well as delivering well scripted presentations. His current performance history includes minor roles in independent feature films, TVC, government training videos, musical theatre and voiceover work. His keen interest is in using his vocal qualities and eloquent style in TV and film acting, voice-over work, commercials and corporate and government training videos. With an active fitness lifestyle, a background in Martial Arts and an interest and pursuit of outdoor recreation (abseiling and canyoning), he is equally prepared to take on physical roles as well as those demanding more emotive performance. Easy to work with, professional, charismatic and fun-loving, he will commit 100% to any assignment large or small.




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