Now Actors - Dina Grinberg
Now Actors - Dina Grinberg
Now Actors - Dina Grinberg
Now Actors - Dina Grinberg

Dina Grinberg

Dina is a 22 year old Australian actress for screen. Her background is Russian/Ukrainian. She has completed screen acting courses at NIDA, and has recently returned from studying at James Franco's Playhouse West Studio 4 in Los Angeles. The Meisner Technique has greatly impacted Dina’s studies and her work. She is drawn to raw and vulnerable characters, European cinema being a large influence in her work. Her passion lies in dramas and tragedies. In 2015 she wrote and produced a coming-of-age short film (Respire, 2016) in Los Angeles that was directed by the Producer of the new Mothers and Daughters film (starring Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Christina Ricci). At present she is back and forth between Sydney and LA. She is constantly travelling the world and studying, drawing from these ventures and integrating them into her work. She is passionate about writing and creating her own content, and continues to collaborate with other artists to keep developing her craft.






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