Now Actors - Clare Lange

Clare Lange

A passionate, versatile and driven professional – Clare Lange has had a love for the arts since a very young age. She is a Western Australian, born and raised in a small country town. She is a very down to earth actor who has always made the best of her opportunities and puts everything into her work. Clare has a very strong and consistent presence and prides herself on reliability. Over the years, Clare has studied multiple acting and development courses at Nida and Waapa. She has had the opportunity to work on different TV commercials including, Lottery West and Live Lighter. She has also worked on many short films, including TEN, Journey to the Den, Excursion and Dinner Date. No matter how large or small the role, she always gets the most out of her experience, and learns something new. Clare prides herself on never letting a good opportunity go and giving it her all. Clare is determined to further her career in acting, and has a passion to inspire other with storytelling like others have inspired her.




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