Now Actors - Zacharie Boglio
Now Actors - Zacharie Boglio
Now Actors - Zacharie Boglio
Now Actors - Zacharie Boglio

Zacharie Boglio

Zac’s favourite activities include playing just about any kind of sport and fishing. He’s a talented hockey player. Zac also competes in Little Athletics, runs with the WA Marathon Club and plays water polo. If he had the time he’d also be playing soccer, lacrosse, basketball and swimming and probably just about any other sporting pursuit. He’s widely travelled, having recently spent three months travelling around WA and the NT and seven months last year in Malaysia and Europe. He spent many weeks in France staying with his father’s family and took up skiing and snowboarding while there. Zac loves to act and is an excellent conversationalist. He’s confident and a good listener and as a consequence he’s always been given the lead role in school plays. He brings humour to any occasion and enjoys being out in front of the school seeing kids and teachers laughing at his performances. He sings in the school choir and has performed in a number of concerts. He even took dancing lessons for a while. Zac has had experience with photo shoots and looks forward to future opportunities through Now Actors.




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