Now Actors - Kayti Murphy
Now Actors - Kayti Murphy
Now Actors - Kayti Murphy
Now Actors - Kayti Murphy
Now Actors - Kayti Murphy

Kayti Murphy

Kayti is a versatile performer with a passion for theatre and film. Kayti began acting studies at age 12, and has since performed in a variety of productions across theatre, television and short film.

Favourite dramatic stage roles to date include Paulina Salas in Death and the Maiden (Ariel Dorfman), Isabel in Ninety (Joanna Murray-Smith), Callie Pax in Stop Kiss (Diana Son) and prison psychologist Lorin Zemanek in A Conversation (David Williamson). Kayti has also performed in comedies such as Love, Loss and What I Wore (Nora and Delia Ephron), Cosi (Louis Nowra) and Hands Across the Sea (Noel Coward).

She was a cast member in the Channel 31 TV Series Love on the Box by Trunkman Productions, which aired in Western Australia and Victoria, and the pilot Australian series Chalk by Shannon Durham-Dique. Kayti has a Bachelor of Arts from Murdoch University, where she completed theatre arts, film and television training. She has also studied under Noel O'Neill and Annie Murtagh-Monks at the Perth Actors Collective, and completed a NIDA intensive course led by notable Australian actor Peter Mochrie.

Kayti is a professional and down to earth actress committed to delivering truthful and engaging performances.




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