Now Actors - Lukasz Embart
Now Actors - Lukasz Embart
Now Actors - Lukasz Embart

Lukasz Embart

Lukasz graduated from Actors Centre Australia in Sydney in 2013. But his journey in the pursuit of what he loves did not start there. Growing up on building sites and trying his hand at fitting in to so many different industries, that just weren't for him, he finally threw it all in and embarked on a journey to Europe to visit his Polish roots and discover the rest of Europe. He was a little lost, but always knew he had a higher calling. Upon his return back home to Melbourne, he had a friend who was a television presenter and thought following in his footsteps would be a great career path. But would it really be as fulfilling and glamorous as it looked? Was this the calling? Lukasz wasn't certain. So according to a pamphlet he saw, which brought up his childhood love of impersonations and acting, he threw himself into a summer course and paid in full to lock himself into his 'uncomfort-zone'. No way out. rnLittle did he know, 1 day into the course his entire world shifted. The vulnerability he had to show of himself in front of a group of complete strangers marked the beginning of the snowball effect of his love and appreciation of performing arts. He grew proud to show the world that acting wasn't just for extremely flamboyant male stereotypes. It was also for the alpha males on the building sites who had to break free from the insecure bravado mold. To hold the mirror up to society. Through the power of performance. To move people and to move himself. This is where his journey began. Lukasz has featured in many theatre productions in Melbourne and Sydney and TV guest roles for the like of Channel 10's "Wonderland" and Channel 7's "A Place To Call Home". But his most favourite roles were playing Sir Blonde in "Shakespeare's Reservoir Dogs" and George in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"





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