Now Actors - Liam Sutherland
Now Actors - Liam Sutherland
Now Actors - Liam Sutherland
Now Actors - Liam Sutherland

Liam Sutherland

Born in Melbourne, Liam's passion for acting began in his teens when he played a very convincing Mary Sunshine in the Musical Chicago. From this point on he realized that performing would be an integral part of his life. Graduating from Swinburne University's Associate Diploma of Performing Arts course in 1991 Liam has given realism and humour, while developing his craft, to a diverse range of roles spanning over twenty years. His experience includes roles for ABC drama such as Corelli through to John Saffrans Race relations, a number of TVC's, and extends to the stage, receiving acclaim for his performance as Samuel Curtis in the stage adaption of Cory McAbee's 'The American Astronaut' for the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival. Liam has also lent his vocal skills to a number of projects, such as Transmission Games Heroes of the Pacific where he provided a number character voices with startlingly convincing accents.






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