Now Actors - John Carlo Innamorati
Now Actors - John Carlo Innamorati

John Carlo Innamorati

Always seeking something to do is probably the best way to describe myself. As a child at a young age I attended St Joseph’s Primary School in West Brunswick (2003-2009), a Catholic primary school that stood within the same area I lived in. In 2010, I migrated to Parade College, a high school situated in Bundoora that offered many opportunities. Within the earlier years of secondary schooling, I sought after many extra-curricular activities, consistently failing at whatever I tried. Within my third year of secondary education, I came across the auditions for the school play, The Matchmaker, a farce by Thornton Wilder. Having studied drama in class for 2 years only prior to the auditions, I entered with next-to-no knowledge of what to do. Luckily, a couple of other experienced boys were present before my audition and helped with choosing a character to audition for and how. Having earned a minor role with minimal lines and a German accent did not deter me, as I quickly became attracted to the production process, the rehearsals, the people and the atmosphere that the performing offered me. The moment that really made me decide that I wanted to perform was the curtain call on opening night of the show, the cheering from the audience and the adrenaline peaking from having been on stage for a whole act was something I became addicted to. The next chance I had I joined an acting class outside of school and dedicated myself to it, something I continue to do today. Every year after that I auditioned for each play, slowly building my way up the performing hierarchy until my last year of high school in 2015, when I played the lead in J.M Barrie’s fantasy, Peter Pan. After school, I knew I wanted to keep performing, no matter what I studied or where I worked in the meantime. I now live by myself in an apartment, working a couple of casual jobs and still attending acting classes hoping to grow and learn as much as I can, to become the best actor I can, hopefully leading to a career.





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