Now Actors - Christopher Pask
Now Actors - Christopher Pask

Christopher Pask
Out of Town

Christopher was raised in Mystic Park, a town of 14 houses in northern country Victoria. While growing up, a large focus was placed on football, cricket, motorbikes and farming. He found a love for acting after being forced into playing the lead of Macbeth in year 11. After begging his Philippine mother, Christopher was allowed to attend the University of Ballarat Arts Academy, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Acting) at the end of 2009. He also continued to perfect his craft by doing short scene work with "The Actors Coach", an acting-to-camera course run by Kevin Harrington and Shane Conner. His talent has featured in multiple short films and theatre productions. Tentaklees, a short film featuring Chris as its lead, has been an official selection for 3 international film festivals so far in 2012 and continues to gain more success over time ( Christopher is an actor that places the highest calibre of professionalism to his work.






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